Lic. Pierre Lepoureau



Frequently Asked Questions

My father has Alzheimer’s!! Can Casa Cieneguita help him? 

Of course, we are trained to help patients with this type of ailments plus those that suffer from diseases called “dementia”, diabetes, cancer , multiple sclerosis in an assisted living setting. 

What are visiting hours ?

Visiting hours are from 10:30 to 17:30.  We recommend that you call in advance so we can prepare the resident.

Can I participate in the activities of my beloved resident at Casa Cieneguita?

Definitely, yes! It is an excellent idea that the family participates in the activities as part of our program. There are some activities that will be developed in an interactive way between the family members and our residents. For example, assisting them during their feeding time produces very positive results for the resident. 

Will you attend to my father or mother with a terminal illness until his or her death? 

Yes, we are trained to provide you palliative and thanatology attention to assist the family in the process so that their final moments are in peace and harmony for all concerned after closing circles of any unfinished business, if any, and forgiveness takes place, if necessary. 

If there is any emergency medical need, will you attend my beloved in your center?

Yes, since our attending geriatric medical doctor is available 24 hours a day and our personnel is trained to provide immediate attention, we are prepared to proceed with specific and established protocols including calling an ambulance and/or to transfer the resident to a hospital according to established and specific instructions given by the family at the moment of their admission to Casa Cieneguita.