Services provided

At Casa Cieneguita your loved one receives the following services common to all:

Dietary Services

Diets are designed according to the needs of each resident. One factor that should be mentioned is that health or lack thereof is due in large part to what we eat. Our nutritionist and chef have extensive knowledge in the use of certain food components such as turmeric, ginger, and coconut oil, among others. Once you incorporate these preventive nutrients into the daily diet, they will render obsolete some of the many medications they take. Their daily diet consists of three basic meals in addition to a snack in mid-morning and afternoon.

Medical supervision

Upon admission to our institution, your loved one will be evaluated by our medical director in conjunction with your primary or attending physician and start a supervised program to maintain an optimal state of activities for the resident. This medical supervision continues 24 hours year round.

Personalized gerontology caregivers

Our trained care givers will attend all their daily living needs including specialized activities, feeding and bathing in a very humanistic manner. Personal clothing and bedding plus whites are changed weekly or as needed.

Activities Program

All our residents participate in a program of general therapeutic activities aimed at improving their physical, cognitive, social, and self-esteem activities at no extra cost. If residents require special therapies for a specific purpose, there will be an additional cost to be established. These special activities are aimed to obtain extraordinary results and provide an excellent quality of life to our residents.

All personal care items such as toothpaste, toilet paper, soaps and diapers will be provided at no additional charge.